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I was a television producer once, but after moving to Santa Fe, New Mexico, I became a one-man production company.

I moved to the “Land of Enchantment” knowing that there weren’t any television producing opportunities, at least, not for me.  I was a news and public interest “specials” producer. I needed to reinvented myself, so I did.

Over the years I’ve worked for CBS, ABC, Turner Broadcasting System, FOX Television, Showtime, Nickelodeon, King World Productions and numerous independent production companies, including John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s Apple Films.  I’ve also been a recording engineer, editor of two bi-weekly entertainment newspapers, a logistics coordinator for the City of New York and a driving instructor.

My first job in television, when I was 15, was with CBS News. I worked as a production assistant on the second Mercury Manned Space Flight, the one in which “Gus” Grissom blew the hatch too soon and sank his space capsule, “Liberty Bell 7”.

I worked for Turner Broadcasting System when Ted Turner owned it, “lock, stock and barrel”. Turner is one of my heroes.  He’s the only broadcaster, I know of, who put his money where his heart was. He funded “public interest broadcasts” which he knew would not get ratings or make any money.  He did it because those issues needed to be aired and he aired them in prime time. He was the only commercial broadcaster that was willing to give up revenue so that the “public interest” was served. I know, because I worked for Ted for 10 years as a Senior Producer and then Executive Producer for Program Development and Special Projects.  Some of my credits include, Executive in Charge of Production, The Making of Gone With The Wind; Management,1986 Goodwill Games in Russia; Executive Producer, Breaking The Spell: A US/Soviet Dialogue, a two-part series on the US/Soviet arms race, which received the "Gold Award" New York International Film and Television Festival; Executive Producer,Trumpet of Conscience, a documentary on the philosophy of Martin Luther King, Jr. which won the Ace, Emmy, Cine Golden Eagle and Chris Award.  Additionally, I served as the TBS liaison for international co-productions. I joined TBS as Senior Producer of the TBS Evening News, the first daily one-hour national newscast in 1980.

The videos on this site are the work of Jeffrey Hewitt:  Producer, Director, Camera, Sound, Lighting, Editing, Production Design and Graphics.  Except for Yoga for the Young at Heart™: Executive Producer, Director and Editor, and the Turner Years, where I had a large staff.

Jeffrey Hewitt